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Wolves/Magic Close-Up Thoughts

I went to the Wolves/Magic game last night, and seeing that it was a Monday game against Orlando, it was easy enough to sit in the 4th row under the TWolves basket.  So even though it was the 9th game I've been to this year (4-5! A big improvement over the 2-10 last year!), I felt like I had a unique perspective sitting so close here to drop some "insider" thoughts...

Cool Wolves Stuff:

- When Shabazz hit the half-court 3 at the end of the 3rd, it was a truly joyous occasion. His goofy Eye 3, Tongue Out, Leg Kick celebration was hilarious in real time, and the fans, players, and assistant coaches were all LOLing. Fun moment.

- Wiggins and Towns both had sick dunks. SICK. I am admittedly getting a little tired of "trending Wolves vines" and would much prefer Wolves wins, but the crazy dunks we see on an almost nightly basis should still not be taken for granted.

- tRicky hit 6 3's!!! He honestly looked surprised every time they went in. Good for him though. The crowd and his teammates seemed very happy for him.

- Tyus got a 0.15 Trillion and his benchmates (Rush, Payne, Hill) seemed to get a kick out of it, as did he. He played 4 seconds in overtime, just to inbound 1 pass.

- Bjelly did NOT look like Alexi Shved Jr. last night! Clutch blocks, clutch drives and dishes, aggression on both ends... one more game like that soon and I will apologize for the nickname and drop it.


Cool Magic Stuff:

- Elf Payton is awesome to watch up close. I mean obviously, the hair. But his handles are pretty amazing. He uses a behind the back dribble like a killer crossover. He made extremely slick dribble moves to get around guys several times.  He also wears the lowest low-tops I have even seen on an NBA player.

- Bismack Biyombo.  I have a new NBA man-crush. STUD. I won't say more. Beast.

- It's funny how seemingly forgotten NBA role players can have such an impact against a young team. I'm talking about both DJ Augustine & CJ Watson. Undersized, under-athletic dudes just being veterans and doing the little things to very effective performances against a Wolves team that plays just the opposite of that.



- Karl Towns never boxes out. Karl Towns sets weak-ass "fake" picks during the Wolves half-court offense. He has probably never needed to do the little things before, but he needs to start taking an interest. This is where a KG is sorely lacking. Jordan Hill ain't telling him about that stuff in their down time, you can bank on that. Oh, and I didn't even mention how he wouldn't stay attached to Vucevic in the clutch even though he was clearly option A and option B of their down the stretch offense.

- B. Rush and Jordan Hill seem disinterested. Not providing veteran leadership during the game that is so obviously needed. I must give Payne props; he doesn't sit on the end of the bench with them. He sits as close to the coaches as possible, and generally (yes I'm as surprised as you) seems much more engaged in the game than those other end of the bench guys.

- The D is so silent, not at all like the KG days. tRicky is pretty vocal, but he is on the front lines so there is only so much he can do. Zach spaces out at times. Wiggins is content to stand flat-footed by his man hiding out in the corner without being too concerned with the actual gameplay. Towns is quiet and not leading on D. Dieng does lead and is vocal on D sometimes.  Bjelica you already know, and Aldrich didn't play enough for me to have an opinion.


That's what I got. No Sid. No SILENT ABABU. Really fun game for a Monday against a bad team. The Shabazz moment was fun, as was the tRicky shooting success. I still get pissed at Towns about the little things. The squad still has tons of work to do and should not be talking about playoffs. But they did come through in the last 45 seconds of regulation and 5 minutes of OT, so there is some progress occurring and reasons for increased optimism again.


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Cool stuff, as ever, bro.

You're surely right about "Don't think about the playoffs". But I'm just not capable of not thinking that, because the 2,5 games back & the 7 out of 3 in the last 10 games just sounds to nice to me...



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Interesting observations. Thanks for the detail. So depressing about the silence of the team on D. I usually only watch the team on offense. It's so hard for me to watch them play defense.


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