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Post Info TOPIC: Favorite non twolves rookies and sophomores to watch this year?

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Favorite non twolves rookies and sophomores to watch this year?

Even though the rookie class was no where as exciting as they hyped and teams even tanked for years for this class, I feel some of the crap smell from the rookies went away after the all-star break. So which non Twolves rookies was everyone's favorite to watch?

Did anyone have any favorites sophomores players they liked watching?

My Favs....


Jusuf Nurkić, big bruising center, comical footwork at times, but you can see the potential in him at times. Him talking trash to Cousins is classic.

Jordan Clarkson, a sleeper, rough offensively, he seems like a hybrid of Lavine and Lobro, big and tall, but plays calm even when you know he shouldn't be.

Mitch McGary, another sleeper, could him, Kanter, Adams and Serge be the best four bigman lineup in the league?

Jabari Parker, fun to watch till he got hurt, now seems like a distant memory since the Bucks have changed do much since then


The Greek Freak, one minute he looks like Scottie Pippen but taller, then the next Kevin Durant but taller, then the next Penny Hardaway but damn taller, so many flashes of brilliance, watching him at times is like a visual cookie jar!

Dennis Schröder, fast as fast can be, you will never catch him. A blur when he wants to be. Fun stuff to watch.

Rudy Gobert, the Stifle Tower, nuff said.

Kelly Olynyk, the future of long haired basketball players! Hope Boston makes the playoffs instead of the stinky Nets.




Jokes/Overhyped in my opinion

Nerlens Noel, stat stuffing 69'ers and he still doesn't look that great. But some folks are on his jock, I don't even think he is in same league as the Rudy Gobert yet.

Dieng who played all summer and had no Rubio pick and rolls still looks better than him.!/?PlayerID=203457&VsPlayerID=203476&range=2013&range=2014

Exum, He is like Lavine 0.5, plays better Defense but can't shoot or drive.

Shane Larkin, hahahahahahaha he sucks so bad it is hard to even watch when I am spying on Alexey!


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My faves are:

Mirotic - He has a great skill set and also seems like a cool dude. Although this talk about him threatening Wiggins for ROY is beyond ridiculous. Typical media fatigue.

Oladipo - Stud. He was my favorite college player when he was at Indiana, and he has quietly been very good at Orlando thus far. I mean granted I never ever watch Orlando, but based on stats and articles he is doing good. I wonder if his D in the pros is as good as people thought it could be? I could see him being a legit star someday soon.

Nurkic - Dude is awesome! He's like a cooler, younger, Pekovic with more touch and versatility.

Gobert - How can you not like him. Just an athletic beanpole that excels at D and dunks.

McGrary - Seems like a pretty likeable goofy dude who gets stuff done despite not being very athletic or sculpted.

Stauskas - He has sucked this year, but I kinda like him.

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