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Team Rankings 2015-2016

Let's see yours! Training camp starts in a couple weeks. Finally the return of hoops is somewhat on the horizon. Pre-season in less than a month. The East was much harder to rank than the West.




1. Spurs - LMA

2. Warriors - (non-Wolves) teams probably spent a good chunk of summer concocting schemes to defend this team.

3. Rockets - Added Ty Lawson

4. Clippers - Bolstered bench

5. Thunder - One injury and doomed

6. Grizzlies - (aging) Infrastructure

7. Pelicans - Brow and Gentry

8. Jazz - Forget the Warriors, this is a defensive-centric rebuild to be jealous of as a Wolves fan



9. Suns - More here out of obligation. they don't do much for me w/o Dragic

10. Mavericks - Probably the most violitile other than OKC

11. Kings - Added some talent. Karl no chump.

12. Wolves -  Can do ok if health is on side. They should show signs.

13. Blazers - Tank

14. Lakers - Tank

15. Nuggets - Don't see why people think this team will be respectable. Really quite terrible, and lost best player.




1. Cavs - landslide

2. Hawks - pains me to ball-wash this team.

3. Heat - Underrated

4. Bucks - Improved mightily, plus Jabari

5. Wizards - Same quality core

6. Bulls - Freddie hired a defensive ace. What a concept.

7. Raptors - Such a blah team

8. Hornets - Have a lot of pieces



9. Magic - Could easily make it

10. Pistons - Eh

11. Celtics - Benefited from injury last year

12. Pacers - PG return may be sad to watch. Monta overrated.

13. Nyets - Disaster

14. 76ers - Might start winning some by default

15. Knicks - Kahnsian Trainwreck.

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1. Warriors - Same team pretty much, but Jason Thompson added. One injury and they could drop some slots instantly. More like a 1st place tie with Spurs.

2. Spurs - LMA and better depth, but questions at Center behind Duncan, Boban Marjanovic could be a sleeper for them.

3. Rockets - Added Ty Lawson plus D-MO and Bev are back. Thornton, Dekker and Capela are an interesting backup lineup. How many games does Howard miss this year?

4. Grizzlies - Like the Spurs, rumors of their demise and aging are grossily overestimated. Barnes adds more grind. Wright and last few draftees start to make appearances to add some youth to 2nd unit.

5. Thunder - Durant is going to be pissed this year. Good depth at every position but SF. New coach will take some time to adjust to.

6. Slippers - Clippers, Pierce and Paul, clash or gel?? Which Stephenson shows up? Which Smith shows up? Too many personalities? Too many questions? Plus there are rumors that Ballmer is dropping the ball and the players know it. Plus DeAndre karma bites them back somehow?

7. Pelicans - Same team, Davis will be better and now has 3's. But when your only pickup is Kendrick Perkins, do you know how to succeed?

8. Mavs - Crazy good coach gets you a lot, even in the West. This is assuming Wesley Matthews is semi healthy. Justin Anderson could be a good sleeper pick. Powell will be improved. Can they get anything out of jaVale McGee? D-Will should know he can't kill Carlisle, so maybe he will finally act his age.


9. Jazz - Good D, not so good bench and Exum is already hurt.

10. Suns - Who do they get in return for Morris? I suspect Knight will regress some since Kidd the PG whisperer isn't there. Not much beyond the starting 5 and Len.

11. Blazers, Sneaky front office. Sneaky good coach. Great fans. Will win some games they shouldn't at home. Their multiheaded PF of Leonard, Davis and Vonleh could stink or give teams fits. Could go up or down one or two spots cause of that position alone. I suspect up since they are sneaky clever in Portland.

12. Wolves - If the new Trainer works out and players stay healthy and B-jelly is legit, imagine a 2nd unit of LaVine, Shamazzing, B-Jelly, & Dieng. Too afraid to hope for anything better.

13. Nuggets- Who will be out for the season first? Gallinari or Varejao. I like Malone but who on that team can even play defense? Does the Manimal even care anymore? Mudiay the rookie of the year to beat since he will be playing tons of minutes?

14. Kings - Karl is no chump. But that teams is the dumps. Another coach bites the dust because of owner or star? Unless Rondo returns to days of old, Koufos was their best pick up of the offseason. Kosta might be the only starter who isn't a head case.

15. Lakers - Russell turns out to be overhyped and Kobe retires mentally. Season becomes about watching Hibbert and Sacre slowly running up and down down the court!



1. Cavs - Lebron and Mo Williams try to outscore each other every game for old times sake. Love really couldn't have worse a year than last year, can he? Getting Mozgov'ed gets a new meaning this year.

2. Hawks - Not so sure about this one, Splitter and Hardaway Jr. their only pickups. Was last year a fluke or is Pop Jr. really in the building?

3. Raptors- Lowry lost weight, Joseph and Wright are interesting backups. A bit deeper than last year.

4. Bulls - A offensive coach who will let Pau and Noah be the best passing big men in the league. Will take some time getting used to new offense and starters not having to play every minute of the game.

5. Wizards - Same team really, but with no Pierce to bail them out in crunch time. Lose a few they won last year.

6. Bucks - Monroe at center and much deeper than last year. The year of da Freak is about to begin!!!

7. cHeat - Still health concerns. Does Whiteside playing for a contract help or hurt the team? Did Winslow drop for a reason or he is a steal?

8. Hornets - Batum and Gilchrist have people on lockdown and Frank the Tank setting up Big Al and Kemba? I can't wait to watch them, at least for the first few weeks.


9. Celtics - Easily a tie for 8 or 7. Improved starting bigs and crazy depth. But I still feel like they want to tank some more.

10. Pistons - Might make it interesting again but not a big Jackson fan.

11. Magic - No clue what the hype is about. Gordon improving could bump them up a spot .

12. Pacers - Underrated coach and George is back and Turner could be one of the steals of the draft. This team seems built to run like deer.

15. Knicks - Anthony will be back and they will win more than last year because Lopez and Afflalo will play defense. PF of D-Will and Porzingis could be interesting to watch at times.

12. Nyets - All reject team of the NBA. No one wanted any of their guys really.

15. 69ers - Still waiting for their messiah. No not the guy with the broken feet. The white guy in Europe. Or somewhere. Okafor doesn't impress vs big league talent. Gets fatter while eating away his losing all the time depression. 2nd coming of Oliver Miller in his future?

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Parity is the word...I really like it. While there are still maybe six elite teams, there are plenty of teams that can make the playoffs if things go right for them and wrong for others. I like it! 

1. OKC
2. Warriors
3. Rockets
4. Spurs
5. Clippers (yea ok Doc, what the hell is going on with that bench?)
6. Pelicans
7. Grizzlies (Perfect Kevin Martin landing spot, no?)
8. KINGS! (Just because)

Or Utah for the 8th seed. Or the Suns. Probably the Suns. But they aren't nearly as fun to root for as the mess in Sacramento. The Mavs are done. Don't even mention that team and the playoffs.

Garbage teams.
1. Wolves!  - best of the trash
2. Mavs (by default)
3. Portland
4. Nuggets
5. Lakers - that team is so trash. Just a trash coach, a trash bunch of players. 

1. Cavs

I have no idea at this point from 2-8.

2. Wizards - No idea what to expect
3. Toronto. Bennett makes them a contender!
4. Bulls - I don't know what to expect
5. Miami - I don't know, just because
6. ATL - Once they realize my man Horford is leaving to MN to join Towns to form Team DR, they won't be quite as motivated.
7. Bucks - No idea...just like the others.
8. Hornets - MKG is very similar to Rubio for the Hornets. His impact is underrated and he is their best player, yet rarely plays because of injuries. With him they could fight for homecourt.

Magic, Celtics, and Pistons? No idea. Maybe they make it, too.

Sixers, still garbage. Nets, hot garbage. Pacers? No idea...

Knicks...I don't know why their fans are so hyped. This team was terrible and added a healthy Carmelo and Robin Lopez (ain't no way that rookie is on point his first year). They they go from terrible to just "meh". 30 wins?


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I better do mine before I go read yours...


1. Warriors - I don't see any reason not to give them the top spot.
2. Spurs - Can Tony P. bounce back after an off year last year? I think so, as long as he's healthy. LA + West makes an already Top 8 team way better. I really liked those acquisitions.

3. Rockets - I think I am higher on the Rockets than most. They went to the Conference Finals last year without a good PG, and now they have Healthy Beverly and Lawson. Howard missed half the season last year and they were still Top 5.
4. Clippers - I have really started to hate this team in recent years. I love Paul Pierce though. And I like Lance too! I already feel conflicted.
5. Thunder - 2 Top 10 players, so I can't put them down too far. I'm still not anointing them as top contenders though, like many other people are.

6. Pelicans - I'm going to put $ down on Ant Davis' MVP odds. Lots of upside to this team. Kinda reminds me of an early KG TWolves team.
7. Grizzle - They always seem to hang around 50 wins, no matter what the pundits say. They know how to play team basketball.

8. Kings - Why not. I think they have the most in their prime talent of any of the teams listed below them. This could also implode and go very badly though.
9. Jazz - They seem really well coached, have a great home court advantage, and lots of upcoming talent.
10. Mavs - Well coached, well managed, I can't see them falling much futher than this just due to the strong structure in place.
11. Suns - To me they are a huge question mark. I actually feel like the Wolves are better but am trying not to be a homer. I don't see a ton of upside here anymore.
12. TWolves - I love the roster. How many wins it will translate to right away remains to be seen. tRicky's health is so key, and I'm a little nervous about it.

13. Lakers - This may actually may a very fun team to follow, but I can't see them winning too many games. Kobe plus a bunch of really young guys and washed up dudes.
14. Blazers - I can't see anything but a huge fall from last year. Their roster is Lillard and a bunch of barely rotation players. I give them 5 more expected wins that Vegas is though, simply because of their amazing home court advantage.
15. Nuggets - I think this team will be a mess. Who is their leader? Who can they count on?

Warriors over Thunder
Spurs over Rockets

1. Cavs

2. Bulls

3. Heat
4. Hawks
5. Wizards
6. Raptors
7. Pistons
8. Pacers
9. Bucks
10. Celtics

11. Magic
12. Hornets
13. Nets
14. Knicks

15. Sixers

I don't know, I much 10x more thought into my West rankings. Man, the West is so much better and more interesting than the lEast.

Cavs over Wizards
Bulls over Heat

Spurs over Cavs in 6.


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So much to respond to in these 3 posts.

FatSax the other night the Clippers PBP's called their bench "the best in the NBA." I love homer takes.

Cyco/Bonk - I used to think the Mavericks were well managed because, well, Mark Cuban. But holllleeee SH*T did they royally f*ck up after winning the title. I guess the DAJ saga isn't so much their fault but they followed up that title run with these graveyard teams built around an 85 year old Dirk who is essentially a March buyout-level title contender latch on at this point. Really not unlike the horrific post- Sammy/Spree Dwayne Casey Wolves era where they have no resources due to kicking too many draft picks down the road, swinging and missing at every free agency attempt and getting eliminated in the first round for nothing. Absolutely zero chance at title contention and a mind numbingly pointless direction. Might be one of the biggest GM hackjobs in recent memory, and yet another prime example of why meddling owners can destroy a rebuild. If there is one excellent quality Glen has, he steps away (he just hires idiots).

Maybe a little harsh, but talk about a directionless mess. One of the perils of having an aging superstar. This is exactly how KG would have ended his career here if they would have kept him back in 2007. Not saying the immediate result on that was any better, though, but I'll bet KG is long retired by now either way,


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