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1st Week Thoughts

So what happened with the game on Saturday?  I was out of town and missed it.  Man this message board is too quiet. Should I even set up the elimination game?

Wednesday was a disappointing finish; the Grizzlies really Grizzlied that game up.  Mucking it up. The Grindhouse still exists even with the new coach.  That Baldwin dude looked amazing for his 1st NBA game ever. Wow.  I felt like Lavine could've gotten more opportunities. I can't believe I have become such a Lavine guy.  Gorgui also looked very good on O on Wednesday. I never would have thought that GD would be a better NBA player offensively than defensively but here we are.  Dunn looked good I thought; a little D-Wade-esque. Yea I said it.  Bench was def disappointing, and may need more mixing and matching with starters in the future.

Unrelated, but I was in NYC last weekend and Wally Z is the "analyst" on the Knicks pre and post game show. Dude is such a tool.  And he looks really weird. A couple of my friends that I was with (females) swear he must have had plastic surgery or at least is doing heavy botox.  It was all very strange. I really dislike that guy.

Finally, KG is coming to TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yea baby!!!


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Wally is one of my least favorite people. He was always arrogant and rude in person and had such a low basketball IQ I can't believe he is an analyst. F uck him.

Yea, maybe the board is on its last legs or something? I've been trying but I can't just talk to myself!

I like the Wolves team, I just can't see them making the playoffs yet. I will be rooting for that 8th seed, but it would take such a big leap from KAT, Lavine, Dieng, and Wiggins. At this point, Ricky is what he is; a good PG. Very good at some things, not good at scoring. Not one all star caliber player out the best five players. That will have to change if the 8th seed is possible.

By the way, the 8th seed remains such a possibility because Memphis, Dallas, and OKC are all beatable in the standings, if things go right (they never do). Better late than never predictions?

1. Cheatin a$$ Bay Area
2. Spurs
3. Clippers (but who cares, they aren't going anywhere, like usual)
4. Blazers
5. Jazz
6. OKC
7. Sacramento (not likely, but I live in the Bay and I don't root for the Warriors, so I mess with Boggie and em')

1. Cleveland

Who cares, every other prediction is just a wild guess and is inconsequential because they will all get swept by the Cavs.
2. Boston
3. Toronto
4. Atlanta
5. Detroit
6. Indiana
7. Charlotte
8. Chicago/Washington?


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Man what a less than ideal start to the Thibs era.
1. Two massive choke jobs of Rambis proportions.
2. A Rubio injury, though AP guy surmises a week or two.
3. Slow pace and no threes. Ugh.
4. No point guard depth. They really should have nabbed a better guy than John Lucas III for that last spot. He has never been good and was out of the league. Norris Cole, Chalmers, Jarrett Jack all strike me as better looks but they are all probably injured and I am just unaware.

I'm still optimistic overall, but this team still has ages to go before it can make the playoffs and the mismash of a bench will again be a problem for the billionth year in a row. I completely get/support why they didn't go hogwild this summer but a trade or a tweak or two would have been a good idea. Why on earth is Payne still on the team?! There honestly is no one more useful than him?!

DIENG extended! Thoughts on that? I think it is a pretty good deal overall.

Final thought on Ricky. It is quite bizarre how protective of him the fanbase is. He is good, we get it. But let's not shun all alternatives. You would think he is Magic Johnson mixed with Stephen Curry. I'm not sure whether the history of the Wolves plummeting without him is a testament to him or a negative to the others. He isnt even a member of "the big 3," at a certain point these guys need to learn how to not go flying off the rails in catastrophic failure if he misses a game or two. Sounds like Wiggins will be playing some point!

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